Referral income

Earn money for not cooking. Simply promote Dinner Elf and earn extra income.

What do I earn?

Earn $5 every time someone from your network completes regular Dinner Elf appointments, up to $250/customer. 

Who is in my network?

Anyone who joins Dinner Elf using your referral code.

What is my referral code?

Your code is on your "get customers" page.

  • The recipient gets $10 off their first appointment.
  • Once the code is used, the recipient is added to your network.
  • Your code has no expiry date.
  • Your code cannot be used on gifts, but it can be shared with a gift recipient to use when they book an appointment.
  • Your code can be used for appointments cooked by you or another Elf.

Your income

Track your total referral income on "get customers" page.

  • You'll get notified when customers are added and when you earn income.
  • You're paid on your next payout (e.g. any reimbursement or shift pay).


Q: Is this referral income in addition to shift pay? 
A: Yes. 

Q: Do I earn referral income even if another Elf cooks for the customer? 
A: Yes. 

Q: Do I earn referral income for every appointment cooked for my network and their friends? 
A: Yes, as long as you're cooking for Dinner Elf. 

Q: What's the best strategy to grow my referral income?  
A: See tools on your "get customers" page and get tips in your promotion playbook.

Q: What if a customer joins but forgets to use my code?
A: Just ask them to email support

Other referral tips

  • For a limited time, refer a chef to Dinner Elf and if they join, you'll earn $200 once they complete 10 appointments.
  • At appointments, leave personal notes on table tents, leave treats, and ask for recommendations.

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