Provide tastings as a great way to promote your cooking practice. 

When to offer tastings

Offer tastings to audiences that would translate into bookings and word-of-mouth. Good tasting candidates include school PTAs, direct sales consultants (e.g. Mary Kay), and real estate offices. 

Offer tastings in exchange for an introduction. While Dinner Elf does not pay for you to offer tastings, you'll likely recoup costs from new referral income.


Cook from our party bites menu. These dinners are cost-effective, travel well, and can be served at room temperature. Contact us for the recipes and shopping lists.

What to bring

  • a few disposable platters or trays (available at most grocery stores) to plate the tastings on 
  • a table tent with the tasting items you are offering in the notes section
  • business cards to give to every attendee
  • a clean apron or chef coat
  • Below is one example of a table set up at an event.

Talking points

  • Introduce yourself and any highlights of your culinary training and career.
  • Review Dinner Elf talking points.
  • Tastings tonight are from Dinner Elf's Party Bites menu, which customers can use for small gatherings of 25 people or less.
  • Pass around your business cards, and explain that if they use your code on their first appointment, they get $10 off.
  • Thank your hostess for having you. Field questions. Tell them you look forward to fixing dinner for them anytime it is a help!

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