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Stay top of mind with your social network with thoughtful social media posts about your cooking practice.

General social media tips
Monthly post ideas
General post ideas
Dinner Elf social media

General social media tips

  • Invite friends, neighbors, and co-workers in your cooking geography to promote your cooking practice.
  • Post in your personal Facebook and Instagram accounts about Dinner Elf. If you create your own page, you'll need to re-invite all of your friends to follow you. 
  • Make Facebook posts about Dinner Elf public so friends can share them. 
  • Always link posts back to your chef page on the Dinner Elf site. 
  • Use a service like Hootsuite to pre-schedule posts across multiple services (e.g. Facebook, Instagram). 
  • Don't post frequently in Nextdoor or Facebook neighborhood groups (they'll ban you for spam).
  • Many customers give Dinner Elf before they get it themselves, so post frequently about gift packages and group gifts.

Monthly post ideas

Copy and paste images and text to your social media posts. To copy photos, right-click then "save as". Edit your posts to make them personal. Add your referral code to grow your referral network.

Help with Thanksgiving
This Thanksgiving, let Dinner Elf be a helping hand to your holiday hostess. Send a Holiday Gift package, starting at just $50. Your recipient can book me at a convenient time to take a break from cooking. Use code REFERRAL CODE to add $10 to any gift. Gift now:
Office Holiday Gifts

Are you the person who buys gifts for the office? We offer gift packages, starting at just $50, that will take your employee holiday gifts from blah and boring to home-cooked and magical. Use code REFERRAL CODE to add $10 to any gift you purchase.   Try us this holiday season:
Gifts of Home-Cooked Love
This holiday season, consider a gift of Dinner Elf! With gift packages starting at just $50, give everyone on your nice list some #HomeCookedLove. Use code REFERRAL CODE to add $10 to any gift you purchase. Gift now:
Give a Real Elf!   
Give a real Elf this year! Starting at just $50, give a Dinner Elf to prepare a home-cooked meal for a friend including ingredients, cooking and clean up! Use code REFERRAL CODE to add $10 to any gift you purchase. Gift now:

General post ideas

Beyond monthly ideas, sprinkle in more personal posts.

  • Explain what you do: “For less than takeout, I shop, cook in your home, and clean up.”
  • Touch on pain points: Customers use Dinner Elf for busy workweeks, after the birth of a child, when a spouse is traveling, after surgery, or to help weather a long-term illness.
  • Provide great visuals: Post photos from our big menu. Highlight specialty menus, such as Whole30, Party Bites, etc. Use dinner photos, our social media, and blog posts for sources.
  • Customer stories: Without violating customer privacy, highlight your reviews and customer stories (e.g. “Loved whipping up some homemade hot pockets for Amy H. and her family in Louisville today!”)
  • Hashtags: Add #FixDinner #HomecookedLove

Dinner Elf social media

Follow, tag, and share Dinner Elf in your posts.

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