Invite organizations to fundraise using Dinner Elf (and promote your cooking practice).

šŸ’” Fundraisers are the fastest way to grow your network, but often require a personal connection to someone in an organization.

How fundraisers work

Give fundraising codes to organizations that they can share with their members via an e-blast, social media, etc. When these codes are used, everyone benefits. 

Fundraising organizations

  • For first appointments: Dinner Elf pays them $20.


  • For first appointments: They don't get a discount, but money is raised for an organization they love.


  • For first appointments: You forgo your standard $10 referral income, but customers join your referral network
  • For future appointments: Get repeat business, earn $10 referral income (even when you don't cook for them), and their friends join your referral network.

Organizations to target

Reach out to organizations that might like to raise money and where you have a personal connection.

  • school PTAs 
  • school clubs
  • sports teams 
  • girl/boy scout troops

Start your fundraisers

Easily create fundraising codes, create email templates, and track your results.

Step 1 - From your referral page, click the  "Fundraising" tab and "Create a new code".

Step 2 - Reach out to your organization

Start with a phone call or a personal meeting. Also use our email template for talking points and to send to your contact.

Step 3 - Grow your referral network

Every time someone uses your fundraising code, they're added to your referral network!

Common questions

Q: How is the organization paid?
A: Dinner Elf sends organizations a check on the first of every month when they're owed at least $50. 

Q: How can organizations track their fundraising? 
A: They'll get emails and have access to an online account to review their earnings and payments.

Q: Can fundraising codes be used for gifts?
A: They can't be used on gift purchases, but gift buyers can share the fundraising code with recipients in the giving checkout so they can use the code on their first appointments.

Q: Can I set an expiry date for my code? 
A: No, not at this time.

Q: Can I set up a fundraiser without their knowledge or buy-in?
A: No, most organizations prohibit raising money in their name without their permission. To be successful, you'll also want the organization to promote your fundraising code to their members. 

Q: Is the $10 referral payment I forgo on first appointments tax deductible for me?
A: Maybe, but you'd want to ask someone else. 

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