Complimentary appointments

Offer free appointments to VIPs who can get you customers.

How does it work?

These work like the trial appointment you cooked when you applied.

  • Customers choose from a limited menu.
  • You cook a single dinner and forgo your shift pay.
  • Dinner Elf reimburses you for groceries and staples.

Why would I do this?

If you're new to Dinner Elf, this is an easy way for people to try your service. For the free dinner, ask them for favors in return.

  • reviews (builds trust)
  • recommendations on social media (lots of leads)
  • new fundraisers (lots of leads)
  • new group gifts (lots of leads)
  • gifts to friends (new customers)
  • repeat appointments (more business)

Who should I ask?

Offer complimentary appointments to people in your personal or community network with strong ties to affluent families or people in seasons of need.

  • big social media users with lots of followers
  • school PTA officers
  • sports team coaches or parent managers
  • girl/boy scout troop leaders
  • church leaders who organize meal trains
  • office managers who organize employee gifts for paid time off
  • successful real estate agents who give closing gifts

Next steps

From your get customers page, get an email template to send to your VIP. This will include instructions for you and them.

Common questions

Q: Do I get paid for these complimentary appointments? 
A: No, this is an optional marketing tool. You give up shift pay, and Dinner Elf reimburses you for your groceries and staples.

Q: Do I need to open a spot in my schedule?  
A: No, the page your send your VIP won't be linked to your public schedule.

Q: How should I ask for favors in return for cooking?
A: When cooking for them, learn more about their connections in the community (e.g. PTA, church) and make requests in person. They'll also receive a pre and post-appointment email with ideas to promote you. 

Q: Can I do as many of these as I'd like?  
A: We generally limit new chefs to offering three complimentary dinners. If you have a need to offer more, please email us.

Q: Can I give this to my mom just to be nice? 
A: No, only offer these to people who might get you lots of new customers. Since Dinner Elf pays for reimbursements, please don't abuse this offer. 

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