Your support team

Dinner Elf was started in 2014 by two working parents, Nicole and Jesse. They wanted an easy way to get healthy dinners on the table, so they thought Elves could help. 

You have real, live human beings to support you any time you have questions or problems, not robots. 😊

The team

Nicole Vickey
Co-founder in Lafayette, CO
Menu development and hiring

I was born in Delaware, but have spent most of my adult life as a transplant in the deep South.  

I'm married (to Jesse, below) with two kiddos. Outside of work, you'll find me experimenting in the kitchen or road-tripping with the kids.

I started Dinner Elf with Jesse because I thought we could provide a resource to help working families like ours eat better and have more time in the day.  As Dinner Elf's first customer, I get to pursue a career I love, spend more hands-on time with our kids, and sit down together nightly to healthy, home-cooked food.

Jesse Vickey
Co-founder in Lafayette, CO 

I was born in Pennsylvania and then moved to Clearwater, New Orleans, West Palm Beach, Durham, NYC, New Haven, St. Thomas, Mobile, Orlando, and now Austin. After working in banking for a few years, I quit the corporate world and started my first company in 2001 which is still alive and kicking. 

I'm the proud dad of two crazy kids and I love swimming, biking, snowboarding, and Alabama football (Roll Tide). 

I started Dinner Elf with Nicole because our evenings were always so rushed with the kids. We thought that maybe Elves could help :)

Contact support

The best way to reach us is through the little chat bubble in your app. We're very responsive. You'll also find answers to lots of your questions. 

If you're not our site, email us at

For emergencies, you can always call 512.277.5134. 

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