Off-platform work

As an independent contractor, you have the right to accept any outside work, but before doing so please review the following.

Dinner Elf platform benefits

By using the Dinner Elf platform, you get a variety of benefits:

  • Customers (we do year-round marketing)
  • Support (for both you and your customers)
  • Technology (scheduling is easy)
  • Recipes (tested to be efficient and yummy)
  • Insurance ($1 million policy) 

Off-platform experiences

When Elves work off-platform with a Dinner Elf customer, they often find:

  • Complications with recipes design and expectations
  • Variability in appointment lengths and scheduling
  • Payment and communication challenges

💡 Many Elves who cooked for customers off-platform have later asked their customers to rejoin Dinner Elf. Really.


Dinner Elf fails to work as a company if we spend money to get customers, only to lose them to off-platform work. If you'd like to work with a Dinner Elf customer off-platform, let us know.

  • Email us with a quick notification.
  • For liability purposes, we'll notify your customer that off-platform work is not covered by Dinner Elf insurance.

For work that IS NOT similar to Dinner Elf

  • Examples: babysitting, cooking lessons, cooking for a one-off birthday party
  • Policy: No problem.  

For work that IS similar to Dinner Elf

  • Examples: cooking dinners for Dinner Elf customers
  • Policy: We'd prefer you don't. If we see this, you may be removed you from the platform. 

We hope both you and your customers find working on-platform to be everyone's best option!  

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