Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews help measure the amount of awesome-sauce you regularly serve your customers.

How feedback is collected
How feedback is seen
Super Elves
Automated posts
Repeat percentage

How feedback is collected

A day or two after every appointment, a text is sent to your customer requesting a rating and review. 

Reviews left on external sites (e.g. Yelp) are added to your Dinner Elf profile page.

How feedback is seen

Your customer feedback is visible on booking pages,

Elf profile pages,

and in email communications. 

You'll get a text when you receive a review. You'll also see new reviews in your Elf Weekly email sent every Friday.

Super Elves

A small fraction of Elves receive the SuperElf status who meet the following criteria:

  • Average star rating over 4.9
  • More than 300 completed appointments
  • 3 or less short-notice cancellations in 90 days
  • On-time percentage of 95% or better
  • Repeat percentage greater than 70%

Automated posts

Sometimes life happens (illness, funeral, etc) and you have to cancel within 7 days of a scheduled appointment. When this short-notice cancellation occurs, the note to your customer appears as an automated post in your reviews.

Repeat percentage

A good indicator that customers love your service is your percentage of repeat appointments. This number isn't perfect, but it's pretty helpful. 

If you've had 4 appointments from one customer, your repeat percentage would be 75% (3 repeats / 4 total appointments, since their first appointment was not a repeat). This stat is not public to customers, but you'll find it at the bottom of your weekly email on Fridays.

Why are ratings and reviews important?

In short, good ratings and reviews mean more appointments. New customers trust you more when you have lots of positive feedback. 

If you receive consistently low ratings or feedback, you may be deactivated from the Dinner Elf platform. We'll work with you to make sure your ratings stay high and keep you in the loop of customers' problems.

Dinner Elf wouldn't be what it is today without the experience from their amazing Elves. Thank you!

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