Bookmark your app

Add a shortcut on your phone to quickly get to your app when cooking. 

Your unique links

The links you receive from Dinner Elf always include special characters at the end of your URLs (" long links").

These characters are unique to you and auto-magically log you into your account. But after you're logged in, these special characters are removed from your URL ("short links").

⚠️ When you create your shortcut, make sure you use  the long link with your special characters.

Get your long link

If you don't already have one, ask us to send you a long link to your schedule.

Add a button to your home screen


Add a Dinner Elf button to your home screen for quick access to your schedule and your appointment pages.

Since we need to add your long link, follow these sneaky steps. You'll only have to do it once and will save you a lot of time later.


Email the long link to your phone, long press on the long link, and copy to your clipboard.


Go to Settings and turn Airplane Mode to ON.


Go to Safari, open a new tab, long press in your browser bar, and paste the long link from your clipboard.  Click Go. The page will fail to load, but the address will stay the same.


Tap the share button.


Tap the "Add to Home Screen" button.


Change the button name (e.g. to "Dinner Elf") and tap Add. 


Return to settings and turn Airplane mode to OFF.

You'll now see a Dinner Elf button. Tap this button any time to quickly return to your schedule. 👍

💡 If these steps don't work, refer to this link or contact us.


Take virtually the same steps as described for the iPhone. This link and this one will also give you tips.

Add a bookmark

You can also add a bookmark to your browser for easy access. Steps will vary based on your phone and browser, but start with these links. 

⚠️ Once you create your bookmark, make sure you edit your bookmark URL to your long link.

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