Appointment details

Your appointment details are all available on your appointment pages.

Oven size
Tags (G)
Sample appointment
Safety sandwich
Order size
Late menu changes
Offline access and printing


  • Customers can update their menus up until 5 pm the night prior to their appointment. 
  • You'll receive a notification by 5.30 pm when your appointment page is ready (e.g. grocery list) by text and email.


At the top of your appointment page, you'll see automated details about your customer and their appointment.

Your customer may leave you a few different types of notes.

  • Appointment notes: "the key is under the mat"
  • Food allergy: "allergic to gluten"
  • Always omit: "no onions"
  • Always substitute: "wheat pasta instead of white"
  • Other food requests: "package in my containers"
  • Home notes: "Our dogs are friendly."
  • Elf notes about this customer: "Their dog is Rufus." (Only Elves can update and see this field.)


On occasion, you'll see a note to purchase a promo item for your customer (e.g., flowers, chocolates, etc). 

  • Promos will always be a single ingredient (no cooking).
  • Purchase the promo as a staple (not on your grocery receipt).
  • Dinner Elf reimburses you for your cost, up to maximum amount.

At the bottom of your appointment page, enter the cost of your promo. 

Oven size

If a customer has a double oven, update their record so they can choose from more sides (more oven space).

Tags (G)

On your staples, groceries, and recipes, you'll see the G tag if gluten-free.


⚠️ Food safety is your number one concern. Pay close attention to any notes related to food allergies.

If customer notes suggest any life-threatening allergies (e.g. celiac), contact support

  • You can remove any ingredients.
  • You cannot buy substitute items for allergens (don't put yourself at risk), but a customer can provide them.
  • Customers can request you use their own cooking tools to prevent cross-contamination.

Sample appointment

Some gifts are good for a one-time, sample appointment for only one night of dinner. 

  • Regular appointment: 6 recipes (3 nights of dinner)
  • Sample appointment: 2 recipes (1 night of dinner)

These lower-priced gifts are designed to introduce you to new customers and get repeat business. You'll earn $35 in shift pay and cook for about an hour.


You'll see a note if a customer selects low or high seasoning.

  • High: Use 50% more salt and spices.
  • Low: Use 50% less salt and spices.

Safety sandwich

We offer an optional and free bonus for families who have choosy little eaters.

If a customer has requested this option, you'll see the number of sandwiches (e.g. 6). 

  • Your staples and groceries list includes peanut butter cups and bread. 
  • Safety sandwiches do not appear as an official recipe in your app.
  • If new, here's the recipe. (1) Add 1/2 of a to-go cup of peanut butter to bread. (2) Cut into halves. 😄
  • Your customer may leave out jelly or other additions to add to the sandwich.
  • Family-size orders get 6 sandwiches, 2-person orders get 3 sandwiches.

Order size

Appointments come in two sizes: 2-person size and family size (twice the size).

2-person size Family size
3 containers of mains, each at least 2/3 full 6 containers of mains, each at least 2/3 full
3 containers of sides, each at least 1/2 full 3-6 containers of sides, each at least 1/2 full

💡 If you have extra ingredients for 2-person dinners, only cook 2-person size dinners (not more). Learn more.


When grocery shopping, you may be instructed to purchase premium or organic groceries. More details are here.

Late menu changes

Despite countless reminders, some customers forget to update their menu before it's locked (5pm the night prior). You may receive a text from them requesting a late change. 

If you ARE okay with a late change (great customer service), then:

  1. Go to your appointment page.
  2. Under Details > Menu, click "Unlock this menu" to allow the change.
  3. Your customer will be notified that their menu is unlocked. 
  4. After 60 minutes, the menu will get automatically locked again, your staple/grocery list will get updated, and you'll receive a text. 

💡If you ARE NOT okay with a late change (you're already packed), then reply to your customer explaining why (never ignore their request).

Texting your customer

Receiving texts
Texts from support and your customers are all sent to a common number on your phone. This prevents Dinner Elf texts from overwhelming your phone. 👍

Replying to texts
Since all texts appear on the same number, you can reply two ways. 

> 💬Reply from your SMS app

Replies from your SMS app are sent to the sender of your last message. For example, if two messages were sent to you from:

Customer A
Customer B

A reply from your SMS app is sent to Customer B. 

> 📱Reply from your appointment page

Your appointment page includes the option to reply to your customer. 

Texting tips

  • In the above example, click "12 messages" to view all appointment texts from support, your customer, and you. 
  • Always reply to your customers, even if only with "thanks!", to acknowledge that you received their text. 
  • Always send texts through the Dinner Elf number (not your personal number) so you can keep a record of any problems, etc. 
  • You can send a new text to your customer from your appointment page.


Tap any photo to display a checkmark. 

Offline access and printing

If you find that a home has limited internet access, you can print recipes or create an online PDF. 


Navigate to your recipes and display all recipes on one page ("A" button). At the bottom of this page, click the link for a printer-friendly list of recipes.


Navigate to your recipes and display all recipes on one page ("A" button). 

iPhone: If you have the free iBooks app, tap the share icon and "Save PDF to iBooks." Your recipes will now accessible in your iBooks app. 

Android: Try downloading Offline Browser from Google Play.    

If you prefer cooking from paper, you can print your recipes, but keep in mind that Dinner Elf recipes often change based on customer and Elf feedback. 

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