Cooking at an appointment

You're providing a unique, personal, and meaningful service to your customers. Impress them with exceptional service. 

No home access
Extra food


  • Arrive on time - Customers rate you based on your punctuality.
  • Park on the street - Allow your customer easy access to/from their driveway.
  • Remove shoes - Bring all grocery bags and equipment to the door before knocking, and remove your shoes upon entry.
  • Don't take keys - Do not take keep a customer’s key, as this presents a liability risk to you and a substitute Elf won’t have a way access to the home.
  • Impress - For new customers, get a brief tour of their kitchen and explain the service. You are their first impression of Dinner Elf, so aim to impress.
  • Only you - Never bring a friend, family member, or anyone with you on an appointment. This is unprofessional and a liability.

If no home access

Sometimes you'll arrive at the customer's home, but they're not home and you have no way to get in. 

💡 Try some obvious things. Look for a key under the doormat. Check if the door is unlocked (open and yell). Triple check the address. Review your text history with the customer.

If you can't get entry to your customer's home, take these steps.

Text your customer from your appointment page. If new, add their address in your text (they may have made a typo). 
If you get no response, call and leave a voicemail. Again, mention their address.

If you don't get access 20 minutes after your scheduled appointment start time, leave and attempt to return your groceries. 


Contact support with your grocery total (items you couldn't return) and do not close your appointment. 

You'll still receive your full shift pay and tip. Thanks for trying!

In-home tips

  • Read tips from experienced Elves for best practices for being efficient in the kitchen.  
  • Many customers expect a quiet presence, so ask first if you want to play music.

Extra food

Some 2-person recipes use ingredients that require much larger "minimum purchase quantities" than 2-person size. 

💡 If you have extra ingredients for 2-person dinners, only cook 2-person size dinners (don't cook more).

  • The number one reason customers order 2-person dinners is they don't want to waste food. Family size dinners are too much food for them.  
  • Customers get confused when they order 2-person size dinners but receive double portion sizes for some recipes. 

If you have extra ingredients, feel free to take them home for yourself.

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