Appointment wrap-up

When customers reflect on your appointment, leave them so impressed that they tell their friends. 

Leftover groceries
Clean up
Hot food
Table tents
Grocery total and note
Close your appointment

Leftover groceries

Your customer will give you one of two choices:

  • Leave them - Leave unused groceries in their refrigerator, etc. 
  • Remove them - Take unused groceries with you or dispose of them in their exterior garbage. 

Clean up

Leave the kitchen cleaner than when you arrived (delight your customer). 

  • Customer items (pots, pans, etc) should be hand-washed, dried, and put away. Never use the customer’s dishwasher.
  • Wipe down counters and rinse/clean the sink.
  • Focus on the kitchen floor. Spot clean dirty areas. Only wear socks (optional) to minimize mess. 
  • Remove your trash from the kitchen (to exterior trash can or with you). Replace their trash bag.

💡Customers comment more on cleanup than cooking. Weird, but cleanup really matters.

Hot food

Don't leave hot food out on the counter after you leave (put everything in the fridge). Why? If your customer isn't home and they're delayed on returning, they're at risk of food poisoning. We've also seen dogs eat their food :) 🐶

Table tent

Customers love a personal note and recipes circled on the inside of their table tents. 


At the end of every shift, take 3-4 photos.

Photo #1: Food

Upload a pretty food photo for your customers to share with their friends. A Dinner Elf watermark is added.

👍Good: Six dinners; Nice angle
👍Good: Portrait mode; Nice angle
⚠️Bad: Too close; Can't see dinner(s)
⚠️Bad: Not in focus; Taken from overhead

💡Great photos get shared by customers and result in new business for you. 👍

Photo #2-3: Oven and stove

Take photos of the customer's oven and stove in an off position. Do this for safety. 

Photo #4: Receipt

Include all line items and your total. This photo will be visible by your customer. 👀

Grocery total and note

Grocery total
Your customer reimburses you based on your reported grocery total.

💡If you want to reimburse a customer for anything (e.g. bad fruit, dropped food, etc), enter a lower grocery amount than your receipt total.

Grocery note
Your customers see your grocery receipts, so add notes to minimize complaints and avoid confusion.


Record what staples you and your customers provide so you're reimbursed correctly.

> If you provide a staple

Check items. Your customer reimburses you.

> If your customer provides a staple

Uncheck items. Your customer does not reimburse you.

> Review your staples total

> Record new, large containers used

Your customers reimburse you at $.50/container.

Close your appointment

⏳Close your appointment promptly to ensure your time in home stats (seen by customers) is accurate.

💡If you forgot to close your appointment, you'll get a reminder by text and email. If you don't close within 24 hours, you may not get reimbursed or paid.

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