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Change your schedule any time, but be sensitive to the needs of your customers. 

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Cancel available spots
Cancel booked appointments
Cancellation policy
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Your appointment times are all quoted in terms of the expected arrival time at the customer’s home.

For clarity, if you have an 8.30am appointment, arrive at your customer's home by 8:30am with groceries. Think of your shifts in three parts:

Grocery shopping (~30 minutes)
Travel to a customer's home (~30 minutes)
Cooking three dinners and clean-up (2-3 hours)

Add availability

From your schedule, click the green button next to a date. 


Choose a time to add weekly availability. 

  • Available spots must be at least 3 hours apart (or 6 if you're new).
  • Your "weekly" automatically adds spots 60 days out. 
  • View all of your weeklies at the bottom of your schedule.
  • Weeklies enable customers to book weekly appointments with you. 

Single spots

Weeklies are best, but you can also add a limited number of  single spots (e.g. Sept 23 @ 9am). 

  • You can add as many single spots as you have weeklies (1:1). For example, if you have 3 weeklies, you can add 3 single spots.
  • You cannot set same-day availability or next-day availability after 5pm. 

Cancel available spots

To cancel availability, click the red X next to your date and time.

To prevent NEW availability from getting auto-added on this day/time 60 days out, choose "Cancel ALL" on the next screen. 

Otherwise, availability on Tuesdays at 10.30am will keep showing up on your schedule. 😄

💡 To make small changes (e.g. 10am to 10.30am), cancel your recurring spot and create a new one.

Cancel booked appointments

Scroll to the bottom of your appointment page for a link to cancel.

  • Minimize cancellations - Customers prefer their original appointment times.
  • Cancel a week early - If you cancel more than a week early, no cancellation fees apply.
  • Add details - Add a note why you're canceling (e.g. "I'm getting married").
  • Usually rebooked - Customers are usually auto-rebooked on a similar available spot.
  • Ability - You can cancel a booked appointment, but you cannot change the date/time. Contact support for random exceptions.
  • Automated posts - If you cancel within 7 days of an appointment, an automated post appears in your reviews of your chef page.

Vacation tips

  • Cancel your available spots before you cancel your booked spots. Otherwise your customer might get auto-rebooked on available spots you're about to cancel.
  • You can't make cancellations beyond 60 days.
  • Cancel more than a week early so no cancellation fees apply.

Cancellation policy

For short-notice cancellations, you give permission for Dinner Elf to compensate your customer with a cancellation credit, which is deducted from your shift pay.

$10 fee $25 fee $35 fee
Cancel within 7 days of your appt
Cancel after 4 pm, the day prior  You don't arrive within one hour of your appt time
Ex: For Monday's appt, you cancel the prior Tuesday Ex: For Monday's appt, you cancel at 5 pm on Sunday Ex. You don't show and your customer hasn't heard from you

💡 Avoid costs by notifying your customer more than a week in advance.

Cancellation exceptions

  • Sickness - If you're sick and contagious, cancel your appointment and contact support within 24 hours for a reimbursement. Unfortunately, we cannot offer reimbursements if your kids are sick. 
  • Crazy bad weather - If under a state of emergency (e.g. flooding) or local schools are delayed or closed, cancelation fees won't apply.
  • Daily max - Your daily maximum in cancellation fees is $50. Contact support for reimbursement.


Q: Can I move a customer's appointment time?
A: No, customers need to make their own changes from their account.

Q: Why is one of my spots "on hold"?
A: When a new customer attempts to book you, your spot is put "on hold" for 12 minutes so they can enter their credit card information. If a $35 deposit is not submitted, your spot is set back to available.

Q: How will I know if I get booked?
A: You'll get a text and email. Appointments can be booked up until 4pm the day prior. 

Q: What is the policy if a customer cancels on me?
A: If a customer cancels their appointment with short notice (after 5 pm, 3 days prior), you're paid a $35 cancellation fee if you don't get re-booked.

Q: Can I block a customer from booking with me again?
A: Yes, just contact support

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