En route to an appointment

Get ready! Arriving with all of your ducks in a row will make your appointment much easier.

Grocery shopping
Grocery stores

Dress professionally

Many Elves wear a chef jacket or cooking apron. Wear hair pulled back and covered.

Texting customers

💡 Keep customers informed of your arrival time.

Running early? 

Check your appointment page for early arrival terms from your customer.

  • Options include "Yes, within an hour", "Maybe, please text to ask", and "No early arrivals".
  • If "Maybe...", text your customer from your appointment page with an ETA if you're running early.
  • Text customers prior to grocery shopping, so if your customer says no, you aren't stuck in your car with a bunch of perishable groceries.

💡 Don't ask customers if you can arrive more than an hour early. They may say yes to be polite, but they often don't rebook for this reason.

Running late?

Text your customer from your appointment page to give an ETA. Customers really appreciate this notice.

Grocery Shopping

⚠️ Purchase groceries en route to each appointment. Intermediate storage between appointments is both illegal and unsafe.

Pay for groceries and staples on separate receipts. We'll automatically calculate your staple costs. You'll submit your grocery costs at the end of your appointment.

Purchase quantities

The “purchase quantity” for most produce items is based on weight (e.g. 2 lbs of potatoes, not 3 potatoes). Weigh produce items for accuracy.

💡 You can remove grapes from a bag to buy the proper weight.


If you cannot find an item, make your best judgment. If you don't have a reasonable option, text your customer through your appointment page.


If a customer has paid for organic groceries, you'll see a red note at the top of your grocery list.

See the "O=" notes under each ingredient to buy the organic option when possible. 

💡 To avoid grocery overages, watch purchase quantities. If your only organic choice in lemons is a several pound bag, purchase a single non-organic lemon.

Type of grocery store

Shop at a mainstream grocery store (e.g. HEB), not a premium grocery store (e.g. Central Market, Whole Foods, Randalls), unless:

  • Your customer requests a premium store in their notes
  • The store is within 3 minutes or 10 minutes from their home

Be judicious in your purchases, as your reimbursements of staples and groceries are capped. Price estimates are based on a national Kroger store brand database of ingredients, which are updated daily. We expect there to be some variation, especially if shopping at a non-Kroger brand store. If an ingredient price is more than 20% higher than estimated, we recommend you text your customer to give them a heads up that their grocery bill may be a little more than our estimate, and why.

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